Ethnojourneys field reps live on site, among the cultures they will introduce you to.  No travel book can give you the kind of personalized assistance and advice you can find from people who live, drive, and eat in those areas every day.

Our field reps come from a wide range of backgrounds but all speak the local language where they live.  Their contacts will be your entryway to local festivals, weddings, and off-the-beaten path experiences.  Field reps will provide you extensive pre-trip orientation and advice on how to best prepare for your time in Southeast Asia. 

We can advise on the best times of year to visit (and when not to).  Plus we can provide you with cultural training so you won't be the kind of traveller people are happy to see leave.  We believe in respecting local cultures and traditions, sharing our experiences and lives with new friends, and continuing to grow in our relationships so that our interactions change both us and those we meet.

If you'd like more information or to start the process of designing a personal experience with us, email